0 – Introduction

The C programming language is probably the most common language you will ever run into. If you have ever written any code before, be it in web-development (eg. PHP) or scripting (eg. JavaScript), etc., you would have seen the fundamental syntax of the C language. As stated in the overview, C has been serving as the foundational structure for most programming languages, and their syntax remains largely the same as that of C.


In this tutorial, I will assume that you have no programming experience at all. The only thing I do require you to know of, is basic math. However, whenever a principle of math is introduced in the tutorial, I will provide a brief overview of the concept behind it and how it translates into programming.

How To Follow Along

Like any language, spoken or computer-language alike, C does not have a perfectly linear way of learning. This means that you will be subjected to look at a pieces of code, where at times you are not required to understand everything, but only certain parts of that code. If it is pointed out to you, that you should not worry about a given segment of code in this tutorial, trying to understand it will probably not yield any success for you and may give you a false preconception of what these ‘mysterious’ pieces of code does.

What You Need

You will be needing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Since I do not deal with Microsoft’s ‘Windows’ platform, I can only recommend IDE’s for the Macintosh platform. If you are on Mac, you are in luck, we have a great IDE called Xcode, provided by Apple. I will be using Xcode throughout the tutorials. If you have chosen a different IDE, that is fine, the code still remains the same. Oh, and make sure you have a nice cup of coffee handy for each lesson.

For certain code example presented a corresponding Xcode project will be available for download — either immediately below the example or at the bottom of the page.


Next up: Syntax


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