Your First Non-Human Language.

C is an obvious choice as your first programming language, for various reasons. I highly recommend studying C, before venturing into other programming languages, since most languages used today are based on this language, or a superset of it (eg. C++). Because of this, no matter which programming language study afterward —should you choose to do so—, the knowledge of C applies to these as well — for the most part.

Table of Contents

This chapter mainly centers around general information of the C programming language, and what you need in order to follow along with the tutorial.

In this lesson, you will be introduced to the syntax of the C programming language and you’ll be writing your very first C application.

In this lesson, we will go over variables, datatypes and their uses.

In this lesson, we will be manipulating variables by means of operators.

In this lesson, we will be taking a look at conditionals.

In this lesson, we will be doing loops.

In this lesson, we will be learning about functions.

  1. van7hu says:

    Today,there’re many branch of programming (eg: system programming,OS’s application programming,web application programming…etc) and many languages have been designed for various purposes.
    C was created during 1978 by K&R(IIRC :)), and what everyone need to know before doing anything with C is : C is a programming language designed to make assembly easier,it’s good for system programming, but not for everyday application. You should learn C on *nix platform, because C and *nix are very close-related.
    The best books that I’ve ever read about C are: C standard (include its rationale also) and Expert C programming:deep C secret (by Peter van der Linden), I think everyone should have those.

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