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So, it’s been a while since I’ve done web-development. And I really did want to write my own website, but I never really found the time for it — school and all that. But now, being in-between schools has allowed me to look at an old design, and I’ve been polishing the code a bit, and the site is now live — not done, but live. This means that I will be moving my blogging over to the new site, which can be found at

Be aware, that I am currently working work on finishing up the basic functionality of the site as I write this blog post. For the time being blog posts will be static. This means you will not be able to comment, like, or anything of the sort. I do hope to implement a nice blogging system sometime in the future –maybe over the coming months–, but for now static blogging will have to do. Should you feel compelled to reply on a blog post I’d encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@CasperBHansen) and leave your comment there.

I’d like to add, that has been great. But as a programmer, I love creating my own stuff, and now that I have the time to make it happen, I will.

See you on there!


The C Programming Tutorial is now done. I spend most of yesterday and this morning writing on this, hoping to finish it some time this evening. However, it seems that I almost completed it this morning. There are only a few lessons missing, but don’t worry, I expect these to be the conclusion of it, so it is all set for you to start learning C. These last lessons will be concluding what you have learned and bringing it all together in a project — a game, your very first game.

I hope you will enjoy the series, as I put a lot of effort into making the lessons as understandable and straight-to-the-point as I could. Hopefully you’ll be writing C fluently in no time. If this tutorial yields success, I will continue to add more lessons, getting into more advanced topics.

If you do follow along with the lessons, please comment on the lessons if you had trouble understanding it, if you have questions or pretty much anything you would want to share or ask. I will make changes if necessary and provide you with answers, should question arise.

Happy coding, have fun! 🙂