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UPDATE: The event will be streamed live by Apple on their website. A link has not been released yet, but this has been confirmed by italian Apple PR — we will probably see it on Apple’s site within an hour or two before the event begins. My educated guess, judging from the previous stream they provided and the archived event footage page links, is that it will probably get streamed from

I’m a little late on this one, but I’m gonna give my thoughts on it anyway! Last Wednesday Apple sent out invitations for an event, taglined it ‘Back to the Mac’ and it comes with a pretty picture with a lion peeking out from behind a cut-out of an Apple logo. Now, while the picture speaks for itself, some people have speculated that we’re going to see some hardware updates, I’m not entirely convinced of that just yet. I firmly believe that this event is focused on software, and software only. However, one could imagine they’d throw in a new MacBook Air for kicks, but I doubt it.

    My Expectations
  • A preview of Mac OS 10.7 — supposedly code-named ‘Lion’ by the looks of the invitation.

    The invitation banner isn’t very subtle on this, now is it. We’re talking big cats again, and my expectations are high for this major iteration of Mac OS X. I think this one will be focusing mainly on the graphical user interface, possibly borrowing a few concepts from the iOS platform, as suggested by others — I believe this will be the ‘wow-factor’ of the presentation, discarding the ‘Aqua’ interface with a more minimal look and unified user interface [insert some random code-name for it here]. Other than that, we can only imagine what Apple has decided to implement into the ‘Lion’, since the last iteration of Mac OS X was heavily focused on improving the very foundations of the system, this one will probably be very feature-rich. Lastly, with the support by Steam that we saw earlier this year, Apple really needs to see the opportunity in this and embrace it by making gaming on the Mac a major focus for them — possibly by writing a few helpful API’s for gaming specifically, or their very own OpenGL engine?

  • A preview of iLife ’11

    iLife is getting old. The last iteration done on it, was ’09 which definitely could use some love from Apple. I see more social network integration in it, a few ‘wow-features’ and probably a major overhaul of the entire suite, with the exclusion of some of the products it currently has, like iDVD. In terms of specific feature I won’t even try to guess at it, because knowing Apple I’m probably going to be wrong about most of it — they usually top anything I can think of. Wishful thinking would include a complete rework of iWeb that doesn’t just have the ‘push-a-button-to-make-a-website’, but the option to get more involved with the actual code.

We probably won’t see an immediate release of Mac OS X, however we might get a release date on it. I don’t think they’re going to wait until WWDC 2011 to release it, simply because Apple has so much to show off at WWDC now that iOS devices are becoming an increasing focus for Apple —which I don’t like one bit at all—, and showing a Mac OS X release usually takes the bulk part of a keynote presentation — but then again, that might be why Steve is going to show it to us now.

I think we’re in for a nice long presentation of Mac OS 10.7 Lion with ‘one more thing’, which is the iLife ’11 suite and the possibility of a new MacBook Air. The event takes place today at 10am Pacific Time.