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Review: iPhone 4

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Reviews
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So, I have had the iPhone 4 for about two weeks now and I’d like to share my impressions of it with you guys, in an effort to separate nonsense from the facts about it.

First Impressions
When you pick up this phone and turn it on, you immediately notice the astonishing ‘Retina Display‘. The pixel density of this display is incredibly beautiful, but more importantly it makes a lot of things work better on such a small display, like e-book reading, internet surfing, etc. — Initially I thought this feature to be purely for looks, but found it to be much more than that.

There has been a lot of chatter around the antenna design of the iPhone 4 and it has been pointed out as a technical flaw. In my experience, this has been blown completely out of proportion, as I have had no problems with it at all — in fact, the very first call I made from my iPhone, I held it in the so-called ‘death-grip’. There is some truth to the fact that it drops in signal strength when held in a certain way, however this doesn’t affect whether or not you can make a call, as long as there is at least one bar left.

Why Did I Get It ?
My old iPhone 3G was beginning to feel a bit sluggish whenever I wanted to try out new things that were slightly more CPU intensive. I also really wanted a video-capable phone, for the occasional YouTube upload, and the iPhone 4 fits the bill quite nicely with 720p recording.

If there is anything I did not cover, that you would like to know about, please leave a comment and I will update the post as soon as possible.