Announcement: New website, moving blog!

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Announcements
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So, it’s been a while since I’ve done web-development. And I really did want to write my own website, but I never really found the time for it — school and all that. But now, being in-between schools has allowed me to look at an old design, and I’ve been polishing the code a bit, and the site is now live — not done, but live. This means that I will be moving my blogging over to the new site, which can be found at

Be aware, that I am currently working work on finishing up the basic functionality of the site as I write this blog post. For the time being blog posts will be static. This means you will not be able to comment, like, or anything of the sort. I do hope to implement a nice blogging system sometime in the future –maybe over the coming months–, but for now static blogging will have to do. Should you feel compelled to reply on a blog post I’d encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@CasperBHansen) and leave your comment there.

I’d like to add, that has been great. But as a programmer, I love creating my own stuff, and now that I have the time to make it happen, I will.

See you on there!


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