Quick Tip: iPhone Ringtones

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Tips & Tricks
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I bet you have been wanting to put your own custom ringtones on your iPhone, free of charge, for quite a while — I have a solution for you.

Ever since I got my first iPhone, I have found the lack of easy custom ringtones to be quite a pain. Apple will tell you to use iTunes if you wish to rip a piece of a song and use that as your ringtone, however they will charge a small fee for that and only a select few of the iTunes store songs are eligible for ringtone creation — in other words, their solution is not very handy, at all.

The Solution
It is actually quite simple and I don’t really know why I only just found out about this, but it seems GarageBand does the trick for us and you are not constricted to use song rips with this approach.

Open up GarageBand and create a new project, set the loop bar to 40 seconds or lower (this is the time limit of ringtones on the iPhone). Over the span of your loop, start creating your very own ringtone, and when you are happy with your marvelous creation go to the menu ‘Share’ and click on ‘Send Ringtone to iTunes’. Sync your iPhone and voila!


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