Just Roll Over And Die, Flash.

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Thoughts
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Adobe makes great products, and Flash is definitely one of them. I used Flash back in the day when it was very popular on the internet and I loved using it, web-content became an interactive experience with very little effort. However, my vote is not for dying technologies and Flash is indeed living its lasts days.

I can understand why Adobe is struggling to keep Flash alive as it has been playing such a major role in the industry — and for so long that this may have come as a shock for Adobe. And while they probably won’t let Flash die without a fight, I do not think they will succeed in keeping it alive for much longer.

The Apple Issue
On this matter, we supposedly have two sides of story to worry about; the end user and the ethical aspect of Apple not implementing Adobe’s technologies.

Besides the drastic movement by Apple to simply cut out Flash from its iDevices, I don’t think the average end user will ever really notice the transition, as long as the content they enjoy is still available to them. Flash is easily substitutable by several other —and newer— technologies, and as Apple points out, HTML5 is indeed a great substitute. In the end, transitions usually pave the way for new exciting things and the battle of who takes over the main stage when Flash dies is on — my bets are placed on HTML5 and WebGL.

I do think Apple could have handled this with a little more professional courtesy, however I understand and appreciate their move, even though it was a little out of line. Adobe provides some of the most important applications for the Macintosh platform and Apple needs to recognize and cherish that, so this was a very bold move to make as it could potentially hurt a great partner.

All in all, Adobe I’m sorry for your loss and Apple … behave!


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